Watch your words


I have had, in my time, to swallow some words I have spoken. I will not expose myself to ridicule, but will mention a few famous songs, to make my point.

When he was 16, Paul McCartney wrote the song “When I am Sixty-Four”. Full of youthful exuberance, Paul for sure thought he would be happily married by the time he was 64, and the song is written addressing his future wife. Unfortunately, Linda McCartney, who McCartney loved, died of cancer before his 64th birthday, and Paul ended marrying Heather Mills in 2002. It seems ms. Mills was not to enthused about life in the country, as Paul and Linda were, and Paul’s big 64th birthday gift was separation from Mills, ending on an expensive divorce.

Pete Townsend became famous for his “My Generation”, an anthem for a whole generation of angst-driven rebel youth all over the world. In it, Pete says, “I hope I die before I get old”. Well, one half of the Who has passed away, and good ole Pete still resists, unquestionably an old man. And now he is planning to write another Rock Opera, this time, the theme being aging…

As for John Lennon, his most famous solo song has to be 1971’s Imagine, his second peace masterpiece which says “Imagine all the people living life in peace”. By 1973 John would show the world why peace on our terms is such an impossible endeavor in a macro level, for we are unable to achieve it even with the people we love, in the micro level. Estranged from wife Yoko Ono, John wrote “Mind Games”. Eventually they were back together, but it is questionable he ever achieved the peace he seemed to desire so much. Actually, on the same album “Imagine”, John lays the dirt on Paul McCartney on the song “How do you sleep”. So much for peace.


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