Nation building, political correctness and cultural relativism


The other day I wrote somewhere about cultural relativism and political correctness, two forces today that vie to take the place of traditional Judeo-Christian moral values. These two could not be farther apart, although, in true Machiavelian style, sometimes they walk hand in hand to try to displace what used to be known as moral.

For they are mutually exclusive, political correctness and cultural relativism. In fact, it is the reason why the concept of nation building simply does not work too well. We simply assume that every nation on earth wants to be just like us, so we try to apply the standardization so typical of political correctness, only to find out that maybe folks in the Middle East are happy to be the way they are. So, the Pentagon is now trying to find out what strikes the fancy of the Iraqis, by sending social scientists on the field! I reckon some four years too late.

The real problem is that we use cultural relativism when it is convenient, then we shift to political correctness, when it isn’t. And keep on toggling these two. We talk about cultural wars, then shift to ideology wars. Why don’t we try to do nation building in China, for instance? For the country violates many of our precepts of human rights, governance, democracy, tenets of capitalism…So, we don’t force the issue on China because, after all, they are 1.3 billion people. In this case cultural relativism works and we accept the giant communist-capitalist regime, don’t try to change it at all.

The same applies to Saudi Arabia. In this cause, it is not billions of people, but billions of petro dollars. The country is a `friend` (!!!), so we accept its many `flaws`, and its different way of seeing and dealing with the world, which is very much politically incorrect!!!! Yes, cultural relativism is good here…

We attack certain dictators, such as Chavez, as the most vile political force in the world, yet, we find the Pakistani dictator acceptable, after all he is also deemed to be a `friend`. If we don’t walk by principles, then we can’t convince anybody that we indeed walk a higher moral ground, all we do is look hypocritical and our way of life does not look desirable at all.

This is all caused by the replacement of good old values by this sad new mixture of oil and water. They simply do not mix, but they make us feel superior, more evolved human beings, we get goosebumps all over our bodies, after all `we understand`. A patronizing attitude indeed. We are a society that supposedly accepts others, yet we are constantly trying to change everybody…


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