Get rich schemes


The first time I was exposed to get rich schemes was around 1986. I had a room mate that used to receive a magazine called “Income Opportunities”. I was fascinated by the set up, but not sold. In fact, everything looked silly to me.

The magazine was laden with full page advertisements of people who claimed to have become rich quickly, who wanted to share their new found techniques with the world. Curiosity got the best of me, and I ordered a few of these reports, and one was worse than the other. The road to riches included “business” plans such as looking for money under stadium bleachers and other things akin to picking up aluminum cans on the street.

It seemed obvious that the real money (although nothing like the tens of thousands of dollars advertised on the magazine) was in selling dreams. In other words, writing such silly reports and sell them, putting together seminars, sell books and booklets, and tapes. In other words, deceive people, con them into thinking they were becoming waelthy.

I thought it was nigh time somebody would bring down this “industry” and started writing a report of my own, that reviewed the information from these advertised reports. My idea was, buy the report, then write a review of the get rich scheme and expose it. I thought it was an honorable thing to do, and perhaps, good business too

Rather unfortunatelly, it sold very few subscriptions, and the project died a quick death. I realized that people would rather dream and spend thousands of dollars on such schemes (shall I say, scams) than hear the truth.

Such scams live to this day. In addition to hundreds, if not thousands of MLMs (Multi Level Marketing) that border on illegitimate (those which are legitimate are basically dream houses, too, and the only ones that make money are the companies themselves), envelope filling positions, management positions offered on job searching websites, the “industry” has gotten more technologically savvy.

A lot of it, these days, seem to hinge on get rich schemes using google’s adsense or affiliate programs. More often than not, the former results in website delisting, but there are other iterations of the same theme. There are, of course, the Section 419 email messages that come in droves everyday, but these are downright criminal activities, so I guess I will not include them in this category.

The methods may have changed, but other than winning the lottery, there is no such a thing as an easy get rich scheme.


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